Olives en Folie Gift Services

Corporate Gift Services:

It's always the season and time to reconnect with your customers and thank them for their loyalty.

Olives en folie offers personalized gift boxes of exceptional quality from local artisans.

Our goal is to meet your business needs, whatever your budget!


 Olives en Folie Wedding Favours!

Looking for a super cute and unique wedding favour? Olives en folie has you covered! A small gift bag with special custom bottles of gourmet extra virgin olive oil or balsamic vinegar of your choice! 

 Contact Us by phone or email to inquire about our custom gift rates. 


Notre objectif est de répondre aux besoins de votre entreprise, quel que soit votre budget!


olivesenfolie@gmail.com 514-596-5483

Client reviews and testimonials for our corporate gifts year after year:

"Thank you so very much for the fabulous gift bag, each piece beautiful and unique.  The plate by Native Artist, Corinne Hunt is stunning and I will be proud each time I use it.  Also love the Spirit Stone and trinket box, and of course delicious olive oil. The gifts you selected are truly meaningful and sincerely appreciated."
"A special thanks for the wonderful gift for the Diwali Festival.It is a fine presentation of the craftsman for both ceramics and silverware.I will be proud to use it at Christmas parties."
"THANK YOU to you and ***** for the Olive en Folie Diwali gift --  plates and servers.   The indigenous art work is well appreciated and is a favorite of Heidi (wife).  She gets very excited to open this one every year and sends a big THANK YOU."
"We send our sincere thanks for the very thoughtful and beautiful Christmas gifts.  It was so meaningful to receive the unique artistic works from Aboriginal and indigenous communities!"